Brent Walbridge Profile Image
 Personal Trainer/ EVOFIT Coach
 Level 3
 4 Years

As a young child I loved competing and playing sports. Soccer was my sport of choice and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play competitive soccer into my college years. Soccer took me to a couple different schools but I completed my journey at Eastern Mennonite University where I graduated with a Bachelors degree in 2007. During this time I was fortunate enough to play collegiate soccer and study coaching. Throughout those years I really began to appreciate fitness and the benefits one derives from it on and off the field. Upon completion of college I began working in Cabarrus County School System where I worked for 6 years and coached for Charlotte Soccer Association.

Throughout my time in the school system I continued to dive deeper and deeper into the world of fitness. In 2011 I decided to begin a new Journey and began studying to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach through the NSCA. I became certified in the spring of 2012. At that time I opened my own personal training business and began training clients out of my Garage. Although I was not CrossFit certified I practiced and studied everything CrossFit had to offer. This deep relationship with CrossFit is ultimately what led me here to Vitality.