Back in January of 2017, Jess set out to document a 12-month journey of 2 different athletes following 2 different Nutrition protocols. It couldn’t have turned out any better. Ken Miles worked with Jess and followed a strict Ketogenic Diet for 12 months. Chris Grouse worked with Jess and followed a Paleo Diet for 12 months. Each had his ups and downs but both ended up losing over 30 pounds and having an amazing transformation that was documented throughout the 12-month period.

Even better, Kathleen followed them throughout their journey and was able to document their progress on a monthly basis for the entire year. The amount of discipline this takes to stay committed throughout an entire 12-month period is incredible and these two did amazing.

Make sure to check out both of their videos below! Great job guys!

Chris Grouse Recap Video

Ken Miles Recap Video


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