Guys, we are super pumped to offer a new program that will take our current barbell program and morph it into something bigger and better. It will be called Olynastics. We have seen a ton of success with our lifters in the Barbell Club getting stronger but there is also a gymnastics/mobility piece that needs some love as well.

Olynastics will bridge the gap between these two pieces. A mix between the barbell and gymnastics.

The gymnastics side of Olynastics will be centered around athletes acquiring and improving gymnastics skills, regardless of skill or athletic ability. We will focus on a wide variety of movements from pull-ups, handstand push-ups, to muscle-ups. 
The pillars of the “nastics” side of Olynastics are as follows: 
  • Strength, core, and mobility
  • Skills and drills
  • Execution of movement

Each gymnastics class will begin with a warm-up and a movement specific mobility piece. Then athletes will work through skill and drill progressions for the class’ selected gymnastics movement based on their skill level. In the final part of class, athlete’s will continue on drills or execute the movement itself, with a coach spotting if necessary. Core work or a strength piece will finish off class.


The Gymnastics portion of this program will be taught by Michelle Basnett.
The “Oly” side of Olynastics serves to improve athlete’s performance in the Olympic lifts, being the snatch or clean and jerk, as well as all variations of those movements. Every class will incorporate a specific mobility drill tailored to improve necessary range of motion associated with the Olympic lifts. Athletes will then work through lighter weight, technique-focused lifts to emphasize the “positions/phases” of the lift and serve as a warm-up for the final portion of the class. 

After dialing in our technique comes probably the most exciting part for all the athletes, we lift. Heavy. In every class, there will be the opportunity to move some challenging weight around. After giving the necessary, and often overlooked attention to our mobility and technique, your reward is seeing improvement in your performance whenever your hands touch a barbell. In order to lift your heaviest, you must first learn the basics, and that is exactly where we will start.


The Olympic Lifting portion of this program will be taught by Nate Lambert.


The classes will take place at 6pm on Thursdays, starting January 4th. They will alternate between Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics each week. You will also be given homework to complete for both pieces of the class. On weeks where it is the barbell portion, you will have a heavier load of Gymnastics homework and vice versa.


The cost for Vitality members is $65/month and it includes an Open Gym Membership To get signed up for this program, you can email Laura at

This program is also open to those that aren’t members at Vitality and you can reach out to Laura for pricing options.

We are really excited about this Program and we can’t wait to see what you guys think about it!

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