On Thursday, May 18th, the Vitality Barbell Club will be launching a “Platform Prep” olympic lifting cycle. The purpose of this 6-week cycle is to prepare lifters for an in-house Olympic Lifting Meet. The meet will take place here at Vitality on June 24th @ 11:30a.

The cost for the 6 weeks of Platform Prep will be $130 for CrossFit Vitality members and complimentary for Barbell Club members. Classes will start at 6:30 on Thursday nights and wrap up around 7:30. The first portion of the class will be intensively focused on increasing range of motion through stretching and mobility drills. The remainder of the class will be focused on barbell technique and lifting. Nate has a wealth of experience with Olympic Lifting and is passionate about passing on this knowledge to his lifters. In addition to the Thursday night training sessions, Nate also provides “homework” that can be completed throughout the week. All lifters who are signed up for the Platform Prep will also have an included Open Gym Membership for the duration of the 6-week program.

This is a great opportunity to spend a few weeks learning the basics of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. From beginners to seasoned lifters, Nate will be able to improve your technique and comfort level with these two lifts.

For those unfamiliar with how an Olympic Lifting Meet is structured, the meet will start with each lifter getting 3 attempts for the Snatch, followed by 3 attempts for the Clean and Jerk. There will be a Men’s and Women’s division, with the women lifting first. Upon signing-up, each lifter must register their opening weight for both the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. These weights are not set in stone and can be raised or lowered on the day of the meet.

The lifter who has registered the lowest opening weight will lift first. Each lifter will have one minute to complete a lift once the bar is loaded and their name is called. If the first lifter successfully completes the lift, the lifter with the next lowest opening weight will be called to the platform. If the first lifter misses and would like to repeat the same weight for their second attempt, they have 3 minutes to do so. If on the day of the meet or in between attempts, lifters would like to change the weights for their attempts, the order of lifters will be changed accordingly.

Nate will talk strategy and mindset throughout the 6-week cycle and ensure all lifters are comfortable with the gameplan. The idea is that this short, 6-week cycle will be a springboard into a follow-on program Nate can take the club to a sanctioned Meet and really put your skills to the test. This will be an awesome opportunity to get a feel for the excitement and nerves associated with testing your mental toughness under the barbell.

Expect to gain more range of motion, become technically sound, and lift heavier weights!

CrossFit Vitality members who are interested in competing at this meet, but do not want to complete the Platform Prep Program, can register for the meet only for $50.

We will have prizes for top male and female lifters based on the Sinclair Formula which takes into account bodyweight of the lifters.

For more information, you can reach out to Nate Lambert (natelambert@me.com)

To get signed up for the program, you can email Laura (Laura@crossfitvitality.com)

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