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Allen has been a perfect example of how efficient the transition into our programs at Vitality can be. He came in and instead of putting him directly into the CrossFit Program, we had him spend a few months in our evoFIT program which focused on improving his mobility and aerobic capacity before making the switch. One of the biggest keys to this working is having humility and no ego as an athlete. Allen has both of those in spades. He is one of the most athletic individuals I have seen walk thru our doors. He is a high-level athlete who spends his weekend pitting racecars….and he is really good at it. It would have been easy to walk through our doors and tell us what he was going to do but instead, he asked what we thought would be best. He gladly jumped into the evoFIT program and took advantage of his time in the program. He made the switch to CrossFit shortly after and has been crushing workouts since. If only everyone could have humility, the whole process of working out and getting fit would be so much easier. If you haven’t met Allen yet, make it a point to introduce yourself. If you don’t know what he looks like, he will be the giant human being trying to pull my rig out of the floor…..

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