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1.Were you active prior to Cross Fit?
Yes – but went to an all female gym and did zumba classes, didn’t really see significant results.
2. When did you first start doing Cross Fit?
August 2014, my sister started working with me one-on-one after work for a few months.
3. What were your thoughts after your first workout?
After doing my first one on one with Laura – I really enjoyed the programming she set up for me.  I loved the variation and the fact that I never got tired and doing the same movement and having her encourage me really kept me going.
4. What do you enjoy the most about Cross Fit?
I really like that every workout is different and that I have to constantly push myself. The variation keeps it enjoyable.
5. What were your goals when you first started?
To lose some weight, lean out and start getting healthier.
What are they now?

Still working on losing some weight but now I also want to focus on RX’ing more workouts and improving my PRs.
6. What is your favorite Cross Fit movement?

Over head squats

7. What is your least favorite movement?
Definitely Thrusters.
8. What kind of nutrition plan do you follow and has that changed since you started Cross Fit?
I never really had a nutrition plan but since starting I have tried Paleo and have continued with that to a degree when its not during the Challenge.  I am now a lot more cautious of what I eat.
9. Talk about your results from doing Cross Fit?​​
Since starting I have more energy and sleep better. I love spending my early morning with my sisters. I have started eating better and with that I have seen major changes in my body. I am able to do things that I was not able to do before and I have the confidence to push myself harder. I’m looking forward to see what the next few years will bring.
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