After 2.5 years of planning and construction, we moved into our new home on January 4th, 2016. Our new complex boasts nearly 50,000 s/f of space that will become theĀ one-stop shop for your health and fitness needs.

Click HERE to take a virtual tour of our facility.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 7.25.10 PM

CrossFit Vitality is only one piece of the puzzle, taking up 20,000 s/f of space, complete with full locker rooms, private training studio, over 100 feet of pullup rigs, and 4 training spaces that will allow for a wide variety of programs being offered.

In addition to CrossFit Vitality, the complex will also house a Chiropractic Center, OrganicĀ Juice and Recovery Bar, a hair salon run by the talented Falon Patton-Smith, Nielsen’s Sports Division, Venture Management and Re-Construction, and Create Well-Being which is our in house massage therapist. These businesses all work hand in hand with the vision that we had when we created the Vitality Complex.

We have all the training tools you need in order to achieve your fitness goals, however, it won’t be the equipment that begins your journey, it will be your commitment to the program. We offer free intro classes weekly and would love to have you come tour our new facility.

We are super excited to take the next step in this journey and we hope that you will jump on board and join us for this next ride.

CFV 2016-16

Our main focus of the layout at the new facility was to ensure we had ample space for our athletes to train in.

CFV 2016-5

Trainer and staff offices located on second floor.

CFV 2016-7

Both training spaces for CrossFit are 6,000 S/F with plenty of bumpers and equipment.

CFV 2016-9

In addition to CrossFit, we also offer a completely separate program, “Revitalized Bootcamp”, which is an intense, 45-minute class that will challenge all levels of fitness from Beginner to Elite and everything in between.

CFV 2016-15

Each 6,000 S/F side has it’s own custom 44′ Rogue Rig with 10 squat stations each.

CFV 2016-11

Our Private Training Studio is the perfect place to run our “Foundations” program which allows our new members a more individualized experience away from the distractions in the main gym area.