Since moving to our new location and launching our evoFIT Program, we have streamlined the process for new members to join the Vitality Community. Nearly every new members’ fitness journey begins not with CrossFit, but with ēvoFIT. It has evolved into this for a multitude of reasons, the biggest of which is the member experience. CrossFit can be an intimidating transition for many people to undergo. Between the barbells, pull-ups, kettlebells, and a number of different toys that many people have never seen nor played with can make CrossFit seem unattainable at first glance. For those that have been involved with CrossFit, we know that this isn’t the case and CrossFit is infinitely scalable for all fitness levels to come in and flourish. However, there are certainly quite a few people who never had that opportunity to fall in love with it due to the first impression it may have left with them.

What Is ēvoFIT?

ēvoFIT is a program with its primary goal being to increase the proficiency of human movement. Our goal is to teach you the basic movements that we do in our everyday lives, but with a speed and intensity that maximizes safety and mitigates injuries. One of the main goals of this program is to strengthen your core and posterior chain, these are often the most overlooked areas of training and end up being the catalyst to the majority of training injuries. In addition to increasing core strength and stability, another goal of this program is to increase your aerobic capacity. No matter what your current fitness level is, we will work to increase this through a progressive based design. As you get more fit, we turn up the intensity which will make the program more demanding. The level of intensity is directly related to the results that each member is looking for. The more dramatic results, the higher intensity in which will ultimately be required. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals but at the same time, manage your expectations so that we can work together in following a safe and realistic timeline. Too often training programs promise unrealistic goals and an unrealistic timeline. We don’t operate this way. We want to set the expectation by using realistic and attainable goals.

The final reason that everyone starts with the ēvoFIT program is that it gives our new members a chance to experience how we structure classes at Vitality. New members get to meet our Coaches, experience the flow of our workouts, and most importantly meet the community of athletes that call Vitality their home. They get to do all this with as little as a 30-day commitment. After the 1st 30 days, you will have the information needed in order to make the best decision for you as it relates to your fitness journey. 80% of our new members will remain in the ēvoFIT program and utilize that as their primary fitness program. The other 20% will transition into CrossFit or into a 1-on-1 setting with one of our Personal Trainers. Before having to be sold on a program that they aren’t familiar with and signing a longer membership contract with CrossFit, ēvoFIT allows Vitality the opportunity to sell itself through our Coaches and Programming. After the 1st 30 days, you will know whether or not Vitality is the place for you or if we are as crazy as some people claim us to be:) Either way, 30 days is all we ask, give us 30 days and I am confident that you will find a new home with us at Vitality.

CrossFit Group Classes

For those of you who have done CrossFit before or are coming from a current strength and conditioning program, entering directly into our CrossFit Program may be a good fit for you. CrossFit will continue to be one of our main programs here at Vitality. The biggest difference for our new members is just the path they are going to take to get into these classes. In my opinion, this is one of the main factors to retaining our members at Vitality. We set realistic expectations and provide a roadmap of where they are starting and how they are going to get to the results they walked through our doors to obtain.

For more information on any of our programs, feel free to email our Business Manager, Laura Brunnhoezl (laura@crossfitvitality.com). The first step is to schedule a time to sit down with one of our Coaches and talk about whether or not Vitality would be a good fit for you.