Level 4 Coaches
These coaches have been at Vitality for over 4 years. They have accumulated more than 1,200 classes coached. In addition to coaching group classes, they have also worked with numerous personal training clients. Being a coach at Vitality is their full-time job and they are constantly striving to make Vitality a better experience for it's members. They have a wealth of knowledge as it relates to maximizing human potential and they are the backbone of the CrossFit Vitality Coaches Academy.
Level 3 Coaches
These coaches have been at Vitality for over 2 years and have 500+ classes of experience. Although coaching may not be their full-time job, they put in countless hours developing this skill.
Level 2 Coaches
These coaches have been with us a minimum of 12 months and have coached over 250 classes. These coaches are integral in our program as they bring with them an incredible passion for CrossFit. These coaches have full-time job commitments and usually coach the early morning or late evening groups. Because of this consistency, it allows them to develop an amazing relationship to their athletes and provide incredible coaching.
Level 1 Coaches
These coaches have been with us less than a year and are just getting started after completion of our apprentice program. They will primarily serve in an assistant role until they reach Level 2. These coaches have demonstrated a high level of individual coaching and the group management will continue to be the focus for them as they prepare for the next level of responsibility.
These coaches have just received their Level 1 certification and have expressed an interest to start coaching at Vitality. During this 6+ month evaluation period, it will be determined if coaching here is not only a good fit for them, but a good fit for the box as well. We have a specific character and personality traits that we are looking for and this stage is the first step in ensuring that the right coaches are brought into the academy.
There are currently no Apprentices.