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 Coach/Personal Trainer
 Level 3
 3 Years Experience

I have been active for most my life, playing sports (baseball and football) from elementary school thru high school…in college I began powerlifting to fill that competitive void. For 3 years I competed in power lifting around my hometown in the metro Detroit area, after that I remained a fixture in the globo gym scene. At this point in time, I would no longer consider myself “athletic” and weighed in at nearly 270#. In 2003, I moved to North Carolina to pursue my dream of working on a professional NASCAR team, shortly after my acceptance I began my journey to become a pit crew member. After 11 yrs in the sport, I have worked with some of the most athletic and gifted professionals in sports, most of which being ex-collegiate and professional sports athletes, in 2006 I was introduced to Crossfit as part of my training regimen for pitting and it has permanently changed my life. Now, I weigh in at 205# and I have been Coaching Crossfit for several years, I love the sport of fitness…it is my sport…I am athletic again.

Crossfit L1 Certification
Crossfit Kettlebell Coaching Certification
Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting Certification
Crossfit Defense Coaching Certification
Crossfit Rowing Certification (pending)