Oly Class Sunday @ 1pm

Don't Forget! Those that signed up for the Olympic Lifting Session with Team Muscledriver and Tom Sroka, make sure you are here ON TIME. It starts at 1pm Sunday, the gym will be open at 12:45p. Should be a great opportunity to learn from one of the best. If you missed it this Sunday, make

Sunday Olympic Lifting Sessions!

Alright guys, I am really excited to announce that we will be offering an Olympic Lifting Class on Sundays, starting August 26th at 1pm here at Vitality. The class will be taught by Tom Sroka, a member of the MuscleDriver USA Olympic Weightlifting Team. Tom is a world class Olympic Lifter and excels at working

CF Games Behind The Scenes

Pretty cool documentary taken from this years CF Games. Logistically, this event is a nightmare and those responsible did an incredible job to make it look easy for those of us who got to watch from home.   Click The Pic To View The Video  

The Price Of Being Lazy…

This past weekend I read a few articles that got me thinking about why the majority of people don’t make fitness a priority in their lives. For this post, I am not going to get into why I think people need to be doing CrossFit, but refer to the more inclusive definition of fitness offered

31 Heroes WOD Tomorrow!

Get signed up for the 31 Heroes WOD! 9a – Group Class As Usual 10a – First Heats Start (First come, first serve for heat selection) 11a – CrossFit Kids As Usual Click here to sign up!

The Truth…..

I saw this picture today and thought it was perfect. The amount of times that I hear people tell me that they would love to do CrossFit but they don't want to get “too bulky” is too many to count. The best part about this is that those same people will make no effort to

Thoughts From A Member….

This is a great note from Lisa Ellington, one of our members at Vitality. She took the words right out of my mouth! With anything in life, with any decision, you will be pulled to the path of least resistance. As it relates to working out, your mind will try and convince you that “it's

“Vitality Raid”

What an awesome event on Saturday! We had over 90 competitors and 20+ Volunteers help make this event a huge success. Jess, Crowder, and Candice did an awesome job heading this event up and as always, I am thankful to have great people around me that give me the opportunity to compete at these events,

Great Article About Interval Training

You can read the article here but the bottom line is this: It found that 2 minutes of Sprint Interval Training (SIT) produced a greater total VO2 over a 24 hour period than if you were to do a 30 minute continuous endurance exercise. Think of how this relates to everything we do. Sometimes longer

The Next Generation

Saw this picture and it really made me think about how important it is that we set this next generation up for success. I think there are alot of stories out there about people that were told they couldn't do something and in turn, they used that to fuel them in completing their goals. I

Great Video!

  This is a great video on where The Sport of Fitness has come over the past 5 years. It is pretty scary to think of where this will be 5 years from now. For those that didn't get a chance to watch the CrossFit Games this past weekend, I highly recommend for you to