Merry Christmas!

All the coaches at Vitality wish you and your families a merry Christmas! Take a few days to enjoy yourself and relax, you all deserve it. Box closed Monday but we will be back open again on Tuesday and ready to start training again!

Affiliate Team Meeting This Thursday at 6pm

For those that have been training and are interested in some additional work leading up to the Open in February, feel free to attend the Affiliate Team Meeting This Thursday at 6pm. We will talk about the schedule leading up to the Open and expectations between now and then.  

Holiday Hours At Vitality

HOLIDAY HOURS REMINDER: December 26th: Closed December 27th – 30th      630a      930a Co-Ed W/Daycare      Noon      6p Daycare Open December 31st: Normal Saturday Hours (9a/10a/CrossFit Kids)  

Be Powerful Beyond Measure

    Pretty good video. Sometimes on a Monday it helps to have a little motivation before you step into the arena known as CrossFit. This isn't just for athletes or competitors, you can apply this to anything that is challenging in your day to day life. I think back to all the people who

The Games are Coming!

  It is crazy how quickly the games season is approaching. It feels like yesterday that Vitality experienced the bitter aftertaste of defeat at the Mid-Atlantic Regionals. Both individually and as a team, we suffered through a grueling weekend that left a sour taste in our mouth that has lasted 7 months and still tastes

Very True

This was pretty good and can be true with exercise for any sport. You can neglect movements that you don't enjoy but you just need to realize the statement below is so true…..Somewhere, someone is warming up with your max weight. This can also be applied and I am sure you have heard this in

Candice Brings Home 3rd!

I think it is safe to say that anyone that knows Candice realizes that at times she questions her ability in CrossFit. She has extremely high expectations for herself and by setting these high expectations, is often times dissapointed with her performances. She was able to lay some of these demons to rest with her

Zack Brings Home 2nd

Awesome competition for Vitality yesterday up in Durham. Zack took home second with a consistenly dominating performance. People will start to recognize this guy's name after this weekend. He performed well in every event and personally, I don't think he has reached his potential yet.. Although I had to taste a giant piece of “Humble

Paleo Diet Becoming Mainstream?

Great Article in the Charlotte Observer that Linda Meadows sent me. Slowly but surely the general public may be catching on. Newsflash….Paleo is not a fad and will be going nowhere!