Great Read

John Welbourn of the Blog “Talk to Me Johnnie” posted a great list of 42 things that he learned in 2012. Click the pic below to check it out: I have been meaning to post this for quite some time but kept putting it off. This may not be good for kids so I would

Vitality News

I saw this picture and laughed out loud so I thought I would share with you guys. Some good stuff going on at the gym and wanted to touch on a few topics: 1. CrossFit Open We had 75 sign up and we are pumped that you all completed 13.1. It has been awesome watching

Friday Night Lights Details!

I think there may have been some confusion about what the plan was for getting together and hitting the Open Workouts together as a community. You may have missed the last 3 newsletters and 4 blog posts over the past 3 months so I will go ahead and remind everyone again about how it is

2 Days Away!

If you can see this, your browser doesn't understand iframes. to the widget.   Alright, we are getting more and more of you to sign up for the Open! There are still ALOT of you that need to take the plunge and do this. Remember, every workout will be done on your homefield turf here

No Classes Wednesday, March 6th

NO CLASSES WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6TH Due to the prep needed by the CrossFit HQ team to pull off the Live Show Wednesday night from inside Vitality, we will be cancelling ALL classes Wednesday, March 6th. The event at Vitality will begin at 630p on Wednesday, March 6th. The live show and WOD announcement will begin

Bus Info For Regionals

Wanted to get some information out regarding the possibility of renting a bus for Regionals. It will completely depend on the number of people interested and we will need to decide by the end of March in order to reserve it. Jen Parsley's company is who we are going through and she said that the

2 Weeks Away!

Stay tuned tonite for a pretty cool announcement on the Games Site, not sure what time but most likely later in the evening…..should be a big night for Vitality! Alright, we are getting close and still need to see lots more of you take the plunge and get signed up for the Open. CLICK HERE

So Easy An 8-Year Old Can Do It

I'm not sure where the last 30m of my morning have gone but I would guess that since I have watched this video just under 100 times, I would start there. This is amazing to me….Not so much the fact that his best lift is just over 100# but because of the body awareness and

Canned Food Drive For John-Morgan Wilson

Hey guys, make sure to read the below about what John-Morgan is trying to do for his senior project. Let's help out as much as we can to make this a success for him. Read below for more info…. “Each year the senior class at Cannon School completes a Capstone Project to meet graduation requirements. 

Couples WOD Success!

Great turnout today for the “Couples WOD”. Thanks to Jason Benham for helping to make that possible. I will be posting a video, it isn't super quality but it is good enough to see what you missed and to get the message Jason tried to deliver for us. We have such an amazing community here

Rooms Blocked For Regionals

Not sure how fast the rooms are going to sell out so I wanted to make sure those that are planning on making the trip up to Regionals had an opportunity to book their rooms early. We stayed at this hotel last year and it is super nice, kitchens in every room. It is only