WOD 4 Warmth at CrossFit Peerless

Hey everyone, please read below a message from Lou over at CrossFit Peerless regarding a charity WOD they are doing. Lets get some teams together to help support the cause! “Hey guys, just wanted to mention that we have partnered up with Fix4theday to do a Saturday WOD on December 15th. It'll be a team

Friday Laughs

Terry Tate – Office Linebacker – Superbowl… by cilvana1981 There is no relevance to CrossFit but had to post…..every once in a while you just need to take a minute and laugh. If this doesn't give you that laughing moment, you should probably stop what your doing right now and slap yourself……this is funny, I


I saw this online Saturday and I have watched it about 50 times since then, each time impressing me more and more. For those that do CrossFit can appreciate that this guy is throwing a little over 460 pounds around like it is a PVC. Many of us have numbers in our head that intimidate


Just a reminder, no Oly Classes tomorrow. Also, Tom is competing in the American Open the following weekend out in Palm Springs so we will pick back up the Oly Classes starting December 9th. Make sure to get signed up!

I love my job!

What an awesome group this morning! Had almost 40 people for the Turkey Day WOD! As I close up the gym today, it is so hard to believe this was our 3rd Thanksgiving with you guys. We can't thank you all enough for making this the best job on the planet. Most people circle holidays

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Guys! If we miss you at Vitality today, have a great Holiday and enjoy the family time and amazing food. We all have alot to be thankful for! Thursday AND Friday Class Times: 9am: Group Class (No Childcare) 1015a: Group Class (With Childcare) *Please sign up for classes through ZenPlanner

How Alcohol Affects Our Bodies

As we approach the Holiday Season, I wanted to share a really good article that I found about the affects that alcohol has on our bodies. This IS NOT meant to be a scare tactic or me preaching that you shouldn't drink alcohol. I have absolutely NO issues with anyone that drinks alcohol, the purpose

Angel Tree

You have all probably noticed the Angel Gift Tree as you walk into Vitality.  This tree was donated by Carolina Therapeutic Services in hopes of collecting gifts for local foster children.  If you are able, please take a tag which has the name, size, gender, age, and wish list of a local child and bring

Be Proactive….Research and Learn

One of the great things about CrossFit that keeps me so obsessed with it, is the knowledge that is available to learn more about our bodies and how they work. I have never been involved in any other type of fitness program with so many different resources that are at my fingertips to learn from.

Schedule Changes Are Coming!

Alright guys, I wanted to get some information out to everyone regarding some scheduling changes that are coming January '13. The first change will be: Starting in January: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings: 5:15a 6:00a 730a This should alleviate some of the log jam during the morning classes. Many of the early crew members that

Happy Birthday To The Marines!

Another birthday for the Marine Corps! I can still remember waking up during our deployments on November 10th knowing that no matter where I was at, the Marines were going to get some hot chow. It didn't matter that it tasted like cardboard and messed up your guts for days on end, it was hot

No Excuses Vitality Challenge Recap, Part 2

Following the competition, Major Sean Quinlan, who was my Commanding Officer during my deployment to Iraq, addressed the crowd. I knew how passionate Major Q is and had a feeling that he was going to blow the doors off this place, but he even surprised me. His ability to communicate and connect with people with

1pm Oly Class Canceled Today!

Hey guys, the 1p Beginner Class has been canceled due to lack of interest. We will be having only the 2p class today and it will be open to both Beginner and Advanced athletes. See you at 2p! Make sure to sign up through ZP.