Skills Clinic #1

Skills Clinic This Thursday, February 16th from 645p-730p Coach: Jason Baity Skills Covered: T2B/Kipping Pullups/Bar Movements Sign-Up by clicking on the class next Thursday on the Calender to Register. Contact Laura with Questions.  

Time To Register For The Open!

Guys, it is that time of year to get registered for “The Open”. For those that aren't familar with this process, click on the video below for a “history of the games” recap. I am hoping that we can get 100 people signed up to participate this year. I have included information on how to

Stop Weighing Yourself

I have talked to many of you lately who are getting frustrated at the lack of weight loss you have been seeing on the Paleo Diet. My answer to this question is simple: “Stop weighing yourself!” Contrary to popular belief the scale is not the most accurate tool to measure the success of CrossFit +

A note from Linda Meadows

Hey guys, I got a note from Linda and wanted to share what she has done to implement Paleo with the demands of her Job at the Hospital.   “I read your blog about being hungry. I work for a CMC hospital as a nurse anesthetist therefore, I am up at 0430 every morning. I


As we finish up the 3rd week of the challenge, I wanted to share some feedback on a few questions that I have gotten over the past several days. The two most common questions are: 1. Why am I always hungry? 2. Why am I craving everything that I can't eat? This post will not

Starting Week 3 of Paleo Challenge!

Hey guys, those who are on the challenge, we are heading into week 3. This should be the last week before you start to feel noticeably better. Jodi emailed me this picture and it makes perfect sense. If you were to ask 10 people to start eating Paleo, I bet all 10 would initially think

Andrew Heads to Marine OCS

After over a year at Vitality, Andrew will be leaving to report to Marine Officer Candidate's School in Quantico, VA tomorrow afternoon. It has been a pretty crazy transformation that has taken place with Andrew over the past year. Physically and mentally, I think Andrew is a completely different person today than he was back

Confidence Through Strength

Amber Miller sent me this link and I love it's message. It reminds me of our ladies at Vitality and how awesome you all are. You guys are the tip of the spear, most women are still under the impression that deadlifts and squats are going to turn you bulky but you all are believers

The Baker’s Celebrate 20 Years!

I saw this picture of Michael and Alicia and couldn't resist sharing it:) We have had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people since opening Vitality close to 2 years ago. Mike and Alicia definately fall into that category, they have been a part of this since the beginning and everyone at Vitality enjoys

Vitality Etiquette

Hey guys, just wanted to write a quick post about gym etiquette. I realize that in the heat of the WOD that you may be too tired to remember your name, number of rounds your on or a plethara of other things but we need to tidy up a few things here at VItality or