The Holidays Are Coming!

It's that time of year again where it will seem like every weekend is a holiday and you will be traveling more often and all this leads to a breakdown in your motivation and discipline to keep up your training. We don't have to be perfect by any means through the holidays, however, we can't

NEW CLASS at 830a!

We will be starting an 830a Group CrossFit Class on M/W/F that has daycare available. This class starts on Monday, November 14th.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy 236th Birthday

I don't know if I will ever get used to watching the birthday video from the Commandant as a civilian. I love my new home at Vitality and am thankful for everything but there will always be a void inside me without the Marine Corps. I would not be the person I am today without

Genetics vs. Work Ethic

    I watched this video and it made me think of a couple different arguments that I take part in quite frequently. The first one has to do with Work Ethic vs. Genetics, and I just had a conversation about this yesterday. I have always been the athlete that had to work harder than

A Diamond in the Rough

Watched this today in absolute shock and awe….came up with some great new exercise techniques as well as wardrobe ideas. Just think, if you ever want to leave Vitality, your options are endless!  


  Zach shared this link with me today and it is a reminder to how CrossFit has been able to appeal to so many different people. For me, CrossFit allows me to compete again, something that most people after they graduate high school or college, will not have another chance at. I love being able

So True!

Saw this and it couldn't be more true. It is very easy to say that fitness isn't that important and the pain and suffering isn't worth it. However, I do strongly believe that someday, you will be the Zebra and be wishing that you had put a few more hours into developing your fitness. I


I wonder how many years he practiced these movements before he became this good? It is easy to get frustrated with what you percieve as “slow” prgoress. Everyday you CrossFit, you are getting better, don't worry about to what extent you are getting better, just be content that you ARE getting better.