Why We Hate Change

One thing that I quickly realized after making the move over to the new facility was how resistant we all are to change. It got me thinking about why and how this happens. I think the bulk of this boils down to a personal comfort level that we all have with our routine. Most of

Paleo Challenge 2016

Our 6th annual Vitality Paleo Challenge begins Monday!  We strongly encourage you to take the challenge of eliminating grains, dairy, sugar, and alcohol for six weeks! If your goal is to lose body fat, Paleo is the answer. If your goal is to gain lean muscle mass, Paleo is the answer. If your goal is to

Class Times

Hey guys, I wanted to send out a quick email as their have been some questions about the new schedule. Initially, the reason behind the 5p/5:30p class split was to alleviate the waitlist at 5pm. This change was made at the request of a number of the 5pm’ers who were constantly battling the waitlist. Our

Schedule Updates For New Facility

Alright guys, were getting closer. For our CrossFit class schedule, please see the table below. This should alleviate some of the issues in the morning and evenings. We have the ability to add classes but will wait to add any additional class times until we see the need. These changes will take effect January 4th,

Bootcamp Updates

I wanted to push out the info for our Bootcamp that is set to launch in January. This program will not replace any normal CrossFit class times and will be a stand alone program. Many of you have expressed interest in doing some type of CrossFit/Bootcamp split and I think that would work well for

Happy Veterans Day

Remember to take a minute to think about all those that stood up for this Country against the evil in the world. Some made the ultimate sacrifice and for that we should be forever grateful that there are men and women who are willing to stand on the wall and protect this great nation at all

Barbells For Boobs Recap

We had a great turnout for Barbells for Boobs this week! Just over 70 of us took on “Grace” along with 14 of our kids who kicked off the event in the first heat with a scaled version of the workout. Thanks to Amber who got some great pictures!  As I was going through them

Armstrong Plan

Years ago before I got accepted into the Marine Corps, I was told by my recruiter that I needed to get better at pull-ups before I could be considered for Officer Candidates School. I went back to my dorm room and searched the internet for the best way to do this. What I found was

A Year Without Sugar

A little over a year ago, I started an elimination diet to try and pinpoint if it was in fact specific foods that led to my Ulcerative Colitis flares. The mainstream treatment for Ulcerative Colitis is obviously medication, similar to 99.99% of any other sickness, take medication until you can find the combination that cures