Family Day Details

Hey guys, we wanted to put some more information out about the upcoming Family Day on the 29th of October. We are pumped to get everyone together from both our CrossFit Community as well as our Bootcamp Community. This is a great opportunity to come spend a few hours for a great cause and some

New Deadlift Cycle

We are getting ready to start a new Deadlift cycle tomorrow morning. We will be doing an 8-week cycle that will have us pulling on Mondays and Fridays. I think that these types of cycles can be beneficial as long as we go into them with the right expectations and goals. I have separated the

Cryotherapy Background

We have gotten quite a few questions about the Cryosauna and we wanted to push some info out so that you can understand a little more about how/why it works. Like anything else that we offer at Vitality, you will have to make the decision if it’s a good fit for you. I think if

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Guest post from Jess: With a new school year fast approaching, many parents are starting to think about what they will pack their kids for lunch and snacks to get them through the long school day. My goal each year is to find products that Reagan will eat, but also that will give her sustained


One of the buzzwords that have been associated with Fitness and Nutrition for as long as I can remember has been the idea of sustainability. This is often the crux of any argument against a certain style of training or nutrition. I am by no means an expert in either of these fields but I

Throwdown Wrap-Up

  This past weekend marked the 1st Annual “Throwdown” with CrossFit Northlake. In my opinion, the event couldn’t have gone much better….unless Vitality could have taken home the Championship Banner:) It was the first time the two communities have come together for a joint event. No matter how long I do CrossFit, the community aspect

What’s Your Carrot?

Fortunately, for those that read this post, this WON’T be about actual carrots but rather the idea of chasing a goal, where the carrot represents whatever goal or event that you are leading up to. What is it that keeps us accountable or moving towards something? I have been thinking about this lately as I have

Battle Of The Boxes June 18th

On June 18th, we will bring two communities together and have a “friendly” partner competition that we will host at Vitality. Should be a great time and it’s for a great cause. Read below for more details on the event. THE CAUSE The purpose of this throwdown is two-fold. The first is so that we

CrossFit Kids Next Session

We’re rolling out another 6 week session of CrossFit Kids at Vitality! Just a few changes in the schedule this time, so please make note of those. The program is open to children ages 5-13 years old. We will be offering classes 2 days per week: Thursdays 4:30-5:15pm and Saturdays 10:00am-10:45am. Your child has the

Don’t be a specialist

For over 5 years I competed in CrossFIt with the goal of making it to the Games. All the while, I ran an affiliate where we constantly told people the drawbacks of being a specialist. Whether it was a conversation with a runner who hadn’t touched a barbell in years or it was a big

Barbell Club Registration

Hey Guys, this Thursday will be the last complimentary Barbell club class that Nate will provide over the 5 weeks of the Open. We hope everyone has enjoyed it! We are super pleased with the turnout and excited to continue this program here at Vitality. Official registration for Barbell club will start this week. The new Barbell

16.3 This Saturday!

Progenex will be at the box this Saturday and will be sponsoring 16.3. They will have some samples for those doing the workout as well as some other gear to give away to those who come out and watch. Should be a great way to kick off the weekend. The first heat will start at 10:30a Saturday

Coming Up At Vitality!

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS INFO Alright guys, tomorrow kicks off the 2016 Open Season. The workouts will be announced each Thursday @ 8pm on the Games site. Throughout the Open, our workout for the day on every Friday will be the Open workout for those that are unable to participate on Friday nights. The goal is to

Vitality Barbell Club

Over the years, something that I always wanted to run alongside our current program schedule was a barbell club. We are finally at a place where it makes sense to launch this. The purpose of this program is not to serve only those that are interested in olympic weightlifting but to serve as an all-encompassing