From A Doctor’s Perspective

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Pretty cool to actually hear a Doctor’s perspective on what he thinks about CrossFit. This is an orthopedic surgeon from QC CrossFit in Michigan. He talks about some common questions he gets and talks about injuries and CrossFit. It’s time people start doing their homework. Stop listening to idiots who don’t even do CrossFit and

BeeFree Products

Hey guys, I recently partnered with a company called BeeFree, it is a gluten free bakery that I feel is doing things the right way. As you know, I am never one to push products on our members and I certainly won’t do that with BeeFree, but I at least wanted to make you aware

Important Info For Vitality

I wanted to push some information out to you guys about some important events/dates and also some changes that are coming up for Vitality. Please take a minute and read below so you can plan accordingly: Saturday, 26 October (Firebreathing for Fibrosis) Bill and Candice have put together an amazing fundraising WOD to help spread awareness

Mental Toughness

  I read an article that talked about 5 things mentally tough people don’t do. Click here to read it. As I read it, so much of this applies to a variety of aspects in our daily lives. CrossFit is an obvious area where mental toughness can be applied but there are many others. In