The Gilley’s

At 930a this morning we got a phone call at the gym telling us that Christine Warden Gilley and her family had been struck by a tractor trailer on their way to West Virginia. Christine, David, Jack, and Grace were all killed in the accident. It has taken me a while to try and process this

Keto Conference Review By Jess

I was fortunate to be able to attend a Ketogenic Diet conference in Orlando, Florida last week. There was so much great information presented by many different physicians, researchers, and athletes. Steve and I have been following a Ketogenic diet for nearly two years now, so I was familiar with many of these experts from

Upcoming Cycle

Now that the Open is over, we will be starting a strength cycle that will focus heavily on Olympic Lifting and Squatting. It will be really important to remember a few things as we progress through the next 4 weeks. The focus needs to be on form first before you start to worry about the

Stay The Course

I think one of the toughest decisions that people will face, and will ultimately result in keeping them from doing the things that truly make them happy, is not being themselves for fear of what others will think of them. A couple different scenarios over the past few months have made me think about this enough

The 2017 Open

The Open Season is right around the corner and I wanted to reiterate some information that will help get everyone ready for this year. Before you go much further, click the video below and watch an explanation of how this all works. Below the video, I will go into a little more detail on how


Hey guys, I have made it clear every year how I feel about the trap of the “New Years Resolution” so I will spare you from another soapbox blogpost. I thought it would be good to instead, show you some of the highlights from 2016. In 2016, we had over 26,800 classes attended. Our most

Deadlift Cycle In Review

We wrapped up our 8-week deadlift cycle last week and I wanted to give you some quick numbers as they relate to results and then talk about some take-aways of the program. In total, we had 85 people record results on their performance. This is a much higher percentage than I was anticipating, so thank

What Is The Ideal Training Program?

It’s tough to get through all the nonsense that is the Fitness industry these days. People are constantly using the lack of education within the “consumer” world to try and peddle the next “quick fix” to get people results without having to actually work for them. I am going to attempt to provide some bullet

Family Day Details

Hey guys, we wanted to put some more information out about the upcoming Family Day on the 29th of October. We are pumped to get everyone together from both our CrossFit Community as well as our Bootcamp Community. This is a great opportunity to come spend a few hours for a great cause and some

New Deadlift Cycle

We are getting ready to start a new Deadlift cycle tomorrow morning. We will be doing an 8-week cycle that will have us pulling on Mondays and Fridays. I think that these types of cycles can be beneficial as long as we go into them with the right expectations and goals. I have separated the

Cryotherapy Background

We have gotten quite a few questions about the Cryosauna and we wanted to push some info out so that you can understand a little more about how/why it works. Like anything else that we offer at Vitality, you will have to make the decision if it’s a good fit for you. I think if

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Guest post from Jess: With a new school year fast approaching, many parents are starting to think about what they will pack their kids for lunch and snacks to get them through the long school day. My goal each year is to find products that Reagan will eat, but also that will give her sustained


One of the buzzwords that have been associated with Fitness and Nutrition for as long as I can remember has been the idea of sustainability. This is often the crux of any argument against a certain style of training or nutrition. I am by no means an expert in either of these fields but I