New Program – Olynastics

Guys, we are super pumped to offer a new program that will take our current barbell program and morph it into something bigger and better. It will be called Olynastics. We have seen a ton of success with our lifters in the Barbell Club getting stronger but there is also a gymnastics/mobility piece that needs

New Cycle Starts Today

One of the biggest limiters that athletes face is overhead strength and stability. Without these two pieces, development of strength overhead is slowed in a number of different movements. Over the course of the next 8-weeks, we are going to focus on developing this type of strength through focusing on a variety of foundational strength

2017 Throwdown Recap

I wanted to try my best to recap another awesome “Throwdown” between the Northlake and Vitality communities. This year, we had 64 Teams compete, nearly an identical turnout between the two boxes. Since Northlake opened 5 years ago, the goal has always been to combine these two communities and come together to support causes that

Survey Results

In July we launched a member-wide survey to evaluate how we are doing as a gym. This has always been one of the many challenges with being so vested in Vitality. We have poured so much of our soul into Vitality and opening yourself up to feedback is like someone telling you your baby is

The Accountability of Intensity

For over a decade, CrossFit has been a huge part of my training design. Throughout the years, I have experienced many variations of the high-intensity, constantly varied, functional movements that make-up the skeleton of what we do here at Vitality. There are so many different ways to skin the cat and get the desired stimulus

Platform Prep

On Thursday, May 18th, the Vitality Barbell Club will be launching a “Platform Prep” olympic lifting cycle. The purpose of this 6-week cycle is to prepare lifters for an in-house Olympic Lifting Meet. The meet will take place here at Vitality on June 24th @ 11:30a. The cost for the 6 weeks of Platform Prep will

The Gilley’s

At 930a this morning we got a phone call at the gym telling us that Christine Warden Gilley and her family had been struck by a tractor trailer on their way to West Virginia. Christine, David, Jack, and Grace were all killed in the accident. It has taken me a while to try and process this

Keto Conference Review By Jess

I was fortunate to be able to attend a Ketogenic Diet conference in Orlando, Florida last week. There was so much great information presented by many different physicians, researchers, and athletes. Steve and I have been following a Ketogenic diet for nearly two years now, so I was familiar with many of these experts from

Upcoming Cycle

Now that the Open is over, we will be starting a strength cycle that will focus heavily on Olympic Lifting and Squatting. It will be really important to remember a few things as we progress through the next 4 weeks. The focus needs to be on form first before you start to worry about the

Stay The Course

I think one of the toughest decisions that people will face, and will ultimately result in keeping them from doing the things that truly make them happy, is not being themselves for fear of what others will think of them. A couple different scenarios over the past few months have made me think about this enough

The 2017 Open

The Open Season is right around the corner and I wanted to reiterate some information that will help get everyone ready for this year. Before you go much further, click the video below and watch an explanation of how this all works. Below the video, I will go into a little more detail on how


Hey guys, I have made it clear every year how I feel about the trap of the “New Years Resolution” so I will spare you from another soapbox blogpost. I thought it would be good to instead, show you some of the highlights from 2016. In 2016, we had over 26,800 classes attended. Our most