Alright Vitality, it’s that time of the year again, time for the CrossFit Open!

As always, you can get signed up by going to the website or just click the image below:

You can join the CrossFit Vitality Team once you are signed up.

As always, we will be doing our “Friday Night Lights” every Friday of the Open starting at 5pm. The workout of the day for that Friday will always be the Open workout, so you may as well sign up because either way, you’re going to end up doing the workout:)

Back in 2015, they created a scaled division for those athletes that aren’t able to do the Open Workouts as prescribed. Here is some info on this:

-An athlete may finish the Open with a final ranking determined by a combination of scaled and prescribed workouts.

-An athlete who chooses to perform a scaled workout will be ranked on the Leaderboard relative to all other athletes who performed the scaled version of that workout but below all athletes who performed the workout as prescribed.

-If an athlete performs any workouts as prescribed, he or she will remain on the competitive Leaderboard.

-The Open also features a scaled-only Leaderboard. In order to remain on the scaled-only Leaderboard, an athlete must perform all the Open workouts scaled.

-An athlete’s score from a scaled workout cannot contribute toward a team’s score. However, an athlete who performs scaled workouts is still eligible to participate on his or her affiliate’s team as long as the athlete meets all the eligibility requirements.”

Every year there is a ton of athletes who are on the fence of whether or not they should sign up for the Open. My default answer is always, “Yes”. It forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and that is a piece of fitness that can be overlooked. It also gives you the opportunity to compare yourselves against other athletes your age and with similar experience.

Get signed up today!

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