CrossFit Vitality – Barbell Club

Mobility Drills

Shoulder Protocol:

KB T-Spine Stretch w/ a Partner

Hip Protocol:

Hip Flexor Mash on KB

Pause Power Snatches (6×2)

Pause at Pos 2 for 3 seconds, then at Pos 1 for 3 seconds, then Power Snatch the bar from that Position.
Rx and Scaled: 60%-75%

Attempt to go heavier than last week even though this is the same range.

Keep your feet flat! Jump through your heels and no extra “humping” at Pos 1 to get that bar up!!

Record heaviest set(s).

2 Hang Clean+Jerk (5×1)

Rx: 70%+5# of 1RM C&J

Scaled: 65%

All sets at the same weight.

Hang Cleans from Pos 2. Practice your Split Jerk.



Clean and Jerk


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