Now that the Open is over, we will be starting a strength cycle that will focus heavily on Olympic Lifting and Squatting. It will be really important to remember a few things as we progress through the next 4 weeks.

  1. The focus needs to be on form first before you start to worry about the loads lifted. As we have always stressed, it’s getting quality reps that will reinforce proper movement. The last thing we want to do is to get low quality reps that end up taking us further from our goal of mastering these complex movements.
  2. If you are someone that has some mobility issues (Front Rack/Ankle Tightness/OHD Position) make sure you show up a few minutes early and mobilize the areas that you know are going to cause issues. If you don’t do this, you will end up limiting your potential to increase strength and proficiency within these movements.
  3. The Strength Progressions on Mondays/Wednesdays will be filled with a lot of work and our Coaches are going to be pushing an aggressive pace so we can get everything in. Make sure you show up ready to work and you pay attention to how the rep schemes are structured for that day.
  4. If you are someone who is reading this and aren’t looking forward to this cycle, you’re in luck… are exactly who I designed this for. If you are someone who is reading this and is really looking forward to this cycle….yourwelcome:)
  5. Make sure to take good notes within WODIFY so you can track your progress and keep the data from this cycle.

We are going to see how this cycle goes for the first month and then make a decision based on how the majority of you guys respond to the work as to whether or not we continue on for another 2-4 weeks. Don’t stress out if you end up missing a day or two throughout the cycle, you will be able to get back on track the next week.

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