The Open Season is right around the corner and I wanted to reiterate some information that will help get everyone ready for this year. Before you go much further, click the video below and watch an explanation of how this all works. Below the video, I will go into a little more detail on how the Open is setup here at Vitality.

To get signed up, click HERE.

The Open is for everyone, no matter what skill level you are currently at. The Open will have different age divisions (Teen, Adult, Masters) and similar to any CrossFit workout you are used to, there is a Rx option and a Scaled option.

The first week of the Open begins on Thursday, February 23rd. It will continue for 5 weeks. The Open starts Here at Vitality on Fridays, we call it “Friday Night Lights”. We will have the Open workout for the week as our programming every Friday. We encourage EVERYONE to come in between 5-630p to do the workout with the entire Vitality community but we also understand that not everyone’s schedule allows it, for those unable to come in the evenings, you will still get your chance to complete the workout during any class time offered that day. “Friday Night Lights” can sound intimidating when considering if you want to come workout in front of a big group of people. I can guarantee you won’t regret doing it. To be able to workout with such a huge, supportive community, it will be an experience you won’t forget and it will leave you anxious for the next Friday night to hurry up and get here. Every Friday night throughout the Open, we will have a big whiteboard in the lobby that will have different heat options that are available to sign up for. Put your name on the time that works best for you and you’re done. Once signed up for a heat, you can head into the gym and start warming up, we will keep to the schedule so those signed up will know when to be ready to go.

This is simple. Give yourself a reason to step outside your comfort zone. For most of us, when we sign up for the Open, we are signing up for fun, not because we think we have a shot at making it to the CrossFit Games. However, even though we know it’s just for fun, there is still a part of us that gets nervous and anxious about each week and what workout will be announced. This is natural and is a great byproduct of the Open. For 5-weeks, we watch our food a little more closely, we pay attention to our sleep, we push a little harder in our workouts throughout the week, all in hopes of being a little more prepared for whatever comes out of the hopper on Friday. Most of all, it lets us test our fitness and see how far we have come in the past 12 months.

CrossFit HQ will announce each workout on Thursday nights beginning February 23rd at 8pm EST. For the 1st week only, we are going to have a viewing party at Vitality. We will meet at the gym at 730p and watch the live announcement together. After the announcement, we have picked 8-10 athletes from Vitality and CF Northlake to throwdown in front of the crowd! It should be an awesome night. This will be a great opportunity to see both Rx and Scaled athletes tackle the workout. For anyone on the fence, plan on coming to watch that Thursday and then it will help make your mind up that you should get signed up!

Mark it down, Thursday February 23rd @ 730p – Open Kickoff Viewing Party At Vitality. 

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