Hey guys, I have made it clear every year how I feel about the trap of the “New Years Resolution” so I will spare you from another soapbox blogpost. I thought it would be good to instead, show you some of the highlights from 2016.

In 2016, we had over 26,800 classes attended.

Our most attended day was Monday.
*This tells me that it is a similar mindset and decision loop as is the New Years Resolution concept. “We” need a beginning to something. Monday is the beginning of the week, just like January 1st is the beginning of the year. For some reason, it is much easier to convince ourselves to start our week/year off with something challenging in comparison to a Wednesday or Friday, or March/April. So now that this is identified, you can put things in place to help push past this barrier. Maybe this means that you workout early Wednesday/Friday so that your day doesn’t fill up and take up your workout time. Maybe you add your workout to your schedule so it’s clear that you have a commitment that can’t be double-booked. Maybe you have a friend ride to the gym with you so it can keep you accountable. Whatever it is, ensure that the 2nd half of your week gets as much attention as Monday does.

We had over 1,000 PR’s

Over 10,500 workouts were completed Rx or Rx+

As a gym, we lifted over 682,500 pounds during 2016.

Now, for the coveted Attendance Awards

Top 3 Male Attendance Records
Tim Furr – 211 Classes
Kevin Hudson – 207 Classes
James Clayton – 188 Classes

Top 3 Female Attendance Records
Michelle Phelps – 217 Classes (Vitality Overall Attendance Winner)
Trina Mcclellan – 200 Classes
Illeana Franco – 197 Classes

Most Comments and Likes
James Clayton – 937
Ileana Franco – 1,700

2016 was a great year for so many of you. For others, things got in the way, whether it was work, kids, travel, etc. This is bound to happen again in 2017 and it would be silly to expect anything different. Work and Family have to be a priority and rightfully so. What you can do is work to manage those other conflicts so that you can minimize how they negatively affect your health. Maybe that is committing to finding a gym in the city where you travel or finding a way to fit in an extra training day leading up to or getting back from a busy time of the year for you.

One thing that I think can help get you over whatever hump you may feel you’re stuck at would be nutrition. It is incredible what making a few small changes to your nutrition can do for you. If you need some direction with this, Jess has had a ton of success with helping people get this squared away. For more info on some of the Nutrition Programs available, click HERE. 

Let’s have a great start to 2017 and keep the momentum going all year long! We only get one body, and just like an IRA, the younger you start investing into your health, the more benefits you reap as you get older. Don’t wait until it’s too late to take your health and wellness serious.



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