We are getting ready to start a new Deadlift cycle tomorrow morning. We will be doing an 8-week cycle that will have us pulling on Mondays and Fridays. I think that these types of cycles can be beneficial as long as we go into them with the right expectations and goals.

I have separated the cycle into three different paths: Performance, Health, and Foundation. Figuring out which path best suits you will be critical in setting the stage for the next 8-weeks. I will briefly explain each path below:

This group will be comprised of those that have been training for a number of years. They are almost always doing workouts as prescribed and have a solid understanding of the Deadlift. I anticipate that about 35% will fall into this category. If you decide to take this path, you will most likely need to scale the WOD’s on Mondays/Fridays as the deadlift work required within this path is extremely demanding. I will most likely make scaling a requirement for those that commit to this path.

This group will make up the majority of our members at Vitality. This group will have an understanding of the Deadlift but have not developed mastery in the lift. They have also realized that their goal is not to have a massive 1RM in this category. This group will use the same percentages as the “Performance” group but have a decreased number of reps which will keep the volume more manageable.

This group will be made up of about the same percentage of members that have chosen the “Performance” path. This group will be comprised of newer members that haven’t had much exposure to the Deadlift as well as those who are coming off an injury. We will spend the 8-weeks building positional awareness and capacity within this lift. If you have never found your 1RM Deadlift, this path will most likely be the best one for you to follow.

1. Whatever path you choose, stay within that path for the entire 8-weeks.
2. When finding your 1RM, DO NOT mix grip and DO NOT let your back round.
3. Don’t let your ego play a part in picking which path is best for you.
4. If you are serious about this cycle, commit to the entire 8-weeks. There will be days that you won’t want to come in and lift, those are the days that are the most important. That is where discipline is learned. Discipline is a learned behavior and in my opinion, one of the most important characteristics that everyone needs to develop.
5. If you’re going to miss a Friday, feel free to come to class on Thursday and make-up the Friday Cycle that day. These days cannot be done back to back and ideally you would want 3-4 days between.

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