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I remember walking thru the new space with Andy before it was even close to being finished. He talked about what his goals were and what he was looking for in a program. After spending some time talking with him, I could tell that he wasn’t absolutely certain that Vitality could provide him with what he was looking for, however, I knew that once he walked through those doors, he would find everything he needed to be successful as it related to his fitness. Fast forward 7-months later and he has been one of our biggest success stories. Our gym is filled with stories like this but as coaches, these NEVER get old. Our plan all along is not to bring people into our facility and hope they don’t show up…..we want them to come and be a part of this community for years to come and get the results that they believed were not possible. As we have said over and over, it won’t be easy but it will be worth every ounce of sweat and suffering. If you’re scared to commit, join the club, everyone is hesitant to go “all-in” due to a number of reasons excuses. Be like Andy, buy-in and press the “I Believe” button for a few months and let us show you what you’re capable of. What’s the worst thing that can happen, you get in better shape? I will take those chances every day of the week. If you see Andy around the gym, make sure to introduce yourself, you will be glad you did!

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