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1.Were you active prior to Cross Fit?
Just recreational sports and a little running
2. When did you first start doing Cross Fit?
About 1.5 years ago (I think August of 2014)
3. What were your thoughts after your first workout?
“I feel like a new born deer”
4. What do you enjoy the most about Cross Fit?
The competitive atmosphere and community
5. What were your goals when you first started?
Don’t throw up, have the ability to navigate stairs after a wod, don’t let anyone see me cry
What are they now?
Ultimately, continuous improvement. Heavier lifts, better cardio, more fluid movements. Just           trying to get better.
6. What is your favorite Cross Fit movement?
Probably squat clean
7. What is your least favorite movement?
Double unders
8. What kind of nutrition plan do you follow and has that changed since you started Cross Fit?
I don’t follow anything religiously but I’ve definitely become more aware of what I’m eating, it’s easy
to feel the affects of me diet when I’m working out on a consistent basis.
9. Talk about your results from doing Cross Fit?
Overall strength has definitely increased, looking back to when I started I’ve more than doubled most of my lifts. It’s also had a huge impact on endurance and cardio. What’s really great with Crossfit though is the continuous forward progress that you can encounter, you don’t plateau, the workout programming is always pushing you in new ways that provide a really well balanced fitness experience. 
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