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Before I answer the questions I want to say that I told Steve to pick someone else….. I am totally flattered but feel very undeserving…..There are so many people that deserve to be AOM over me.  Obviously Steve does not take no for an answer……So here goes….

1.Were you active prior to Cross Fit?

Yes, I was active before CF!  I am just an active person in general.  It absolutely drives my husband crazy because I can never just sit (unless I am at the beach then leave me alone so I can just sit) I always have to be doing SOMETHING!  As far as working out, I would go to a traditional gym, walk a few miles 3 days a week and LOVED spin class.

2. When did you first start doing Cross Fit?

I started at Vitality about 3 ½ years ago after several people told me that it would appeal to my competitive nature!  I was intrigued so I tried it.

3. What were your thoughts after your first workout?

I felt like I got a great workout, but thought how in the world am I supposed to remember all of the names of the movements! I also told myself that I would try not to be disappointed if I was NEVER as good as some of the people in the class no matter how hard I tried.

4. What do you enjoy the most about Cross Fit?

I LOVE the variety.  Since I go at 7:30, most mornings I wake up and immediately look to see what torture I will endure when I get to CFV.  If I don’t get to do that Shotty fills me in at the bus stop.  I like the element of surprise.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the people.  I have the most fun working out with that 7:30 crew – maybe too much fun sometimes.  I also LOVE that despite what people may say CF is for EVERYONE.   There are days when the progression and/or WOD was built for me – they include all of my strengths and I leave feeling awesome.  THEN the very next day it will be every movement that I struggle with and I will leave feeling defeated and someone else will feel awesome about their workout.  I love that it makes me want to come back the next day.  Although, I would LOVE it even more if there were mostly workouts that played up my strengths!!!  I love all of the coaches!  Steve usually coaches me and he is a good coach for me.  He pushes me and sometimes we disagree with what’s best for me – but usually he is right – that is so hard for me to admit! With that said Ginny pushes me too, but in a different way.  I have had some of my best performances with her.   She is more like “Oh I really think you can go a little heavier.”  While Steve is like “Oh I hope you don’t think that that is the weight you are using.”  Bird on the other hand is so sweet when he is pushing me and has helped me so much with shoulder mobility.

5. What were your goals when you first started?

My goals were to be fit, maybe lose some weight and have fun working out.

What are they now?

This is a hard one for me to answer.  I LOVE feeling strong and since I am raising 3 daughters I want to set a good example for them about what a strong woman is not just a strong personality but physically strong and healthy.  My girls play some team sports, but also swim and ski and those are individual.  They have taught me so much about being competitive and working on competing against myself not anyone else.  They work to improve their times and don’t get too caught up on what the other competitors do and they have truly helped me understand the value in that. My struggle with getting stronger is that I have had some reservations about gaining too much muscle.  I have an agreement with the 7:30 girls – we will be honest with each other if we notice that happening.  I know it drives Steve nuts, but we don’t wear workout clothes all the time and the fashion industry doesn’t make a whole lot of clothing for muscular women.  What would make sense would be to just go lighter on the weight during the progression – well maybe for a sane person it would – but that’s not me!  I just can’t seem to go lighter when I know I am strong enough to lift heavier.  So, to answer your question, my goal right now is to figure out what my goal right now is!!!

Oh, and to perform well in the competition this week with my team the old hot mommas (Amy Holland, Kristen Schottenheimer, and Kristy Curuso).

6. What is your favorite Cross Fit movement?

I like anything endurance and squats!!  A perfect WOD for me would include a run, maybe some lunges with a plate, toes to bar or pullups, box jumps, slam balls, and squats.

7. What is your least favorite movement?

I have a weak right shoulder so anything overhead or any pushing movement.   It is SOOOOO frustrating for me.  I also HATE the rower….uggg the thought of it just annoys me.  The winter months are hard for me because I just know at least twice a week I have to get on that thing.  The worst WOD for me would include – a row, any shoulder to overhead, handstand pushups and I don’t love wallballs either.

8. What kind of nutrition plan do you follow and has that changed since you started Cross Fit?

That is probably the biggest thing that I have changed.  It is not like I ate bad before, but I feel like I just didn’t “get it”.  I thought that I was eating well but I wasn’t.  I tried a paleo challenge when I first came to CF – I failed miserably.  I tried in the beginning and when  I got off track I just said this isn’t for me.   This January I made my husband do the challenge with me and that helped a lot.  I also read up a little more about the combination of protein, carbs, and fat.  That also helped.  I have to understand how things work to buy into it – if not I am out!  I didn’t “beat myself up” if I cheated – I just got over it.  The other thing that helped a lot this year was the FB group that Jess created for the Paleo challenge.  That extra support helped to keep me motivated.  I stayed pretty true to Paleo since the challenge and even lost a few more pounds since the challenge ended.  Eating right has a huge impact on my performance.  I really didn’t believe that until I actually felt it for myself.  When I’m on track with my eating my workouts are better. I do drink, but usually just a few and only on the weekends!  If you had 3 daughters and were married to Jack you would too- don’t judge!!  And in all fairness to him – he has to drink too because he is married to meJ

9. Talk about your results from doing Cross Fit?

I have seen a huge change in my body over the past few months.  You get out of CF what you put into it.  For 3 years I came did the WOD, but didn’t put forth a ton of effort.  I guess I just didn’t really see myself being “good” at it.  About 6 months ago I completed 2 WODS RX in a week and it made me feel awesome and also made me think why have I not done that before.  Now, if I can I RX, if not – I am a sore loser and go too light on the weight and try for the speed!  – I bet this comment will come back to bite me in the butt!  At 7:30 when we want to go a little lighter we try to avoid all eye contact with Steve.

Some how along the way CF made me a strong runner!  I am not a huge fan of distance (although Kelly Wetzel is pushing me on the distance) but my shorter runs at a faster speed have improved a lot.

I feel really strong and fit!  I am learning to embrace my muscles, but that may be a constant work in progress.

I do have two regrets:

  1. I should have started earlier – like in my 20s before kids, before my age started catching up to me!
  2. I wish I didn’t spend 3 years at CFV underestimating myself.  I won’t do that anymore!
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